Nameless Editions

An idea from Nameless to create something exclusive for the ambitious collector. A limited version of a film, perhaps in the steelbook, in a bust or with special features such as photos / book, exclusive filmplakat - the Nameless editions always have something special that distinguish them. For one of our first projects we were able to win the well-known artists Enzo Sciotti, who, among other things, drew the Bloodsport and the legendary Man-Eater movie poster and succeeded in creating a unique collector's expedition. We were also able to convince the well-known artist Andrian Kleindorf, known for the Rambo and American Fighter series, for our Nameless edition and will set up the next Nameless edition in the not too distant future. We are very fortunate to be able to work with Mr. Sciotti and Mr. Keindorf, so that the special style of both artists can be seen on our artwork. We will always try to give the Nameless editions a very special style, so that every collector 's heart beats higher.